In 1999, a group of Fellows with expertise in surgical oncology proposed the formation of the Surgical Oncology Section to RACS Council. With the broad objective to foster and maintain the highest standards of care in surgical oncology, the dedication of section members from a variety of surgical specialties, the section took responsibility for the surgical oncology program at the RACS Annual Scientific Congress. Over the last 20 years, it has grown and developed into the high quality program it is today.

Associate Prof A. Michael Hughes, Chair of the section says “More often than not, surgeons are leaders of multidisciplinary teams and play a pivotal role in the decision making for, and management of, cancer patients. However, the importance of surgery and surgeons in cancer management is often ignored.”

The section would like to encourage new members to ensure it encompasses the breadth of the surgical specialties, provide support, be a representative voice for all cancer surgeons and build relationships with specialist surgical societies, non-surgical oncology and medical societies, consumer groups and governments.

Visit the Surgical Oncology webpage for further information about the Section and how to be part of this exciting development stage. Fellows, Trainees and IMGs can join simply by logging into their RACS Portfolio and selecting “Surgical Oncology Section” in their profile.