RACS guidelines for the management of surgical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
We have developed guidelines for the management of surgical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are also conducting a rapid review of resources with respect to surgery and COVID-19. This is being undertaken by RACS ASERNIP-S.

Each specialty society will have its own special requirements and may develop their own recommendations. These will be shared on the RACS COVID-19 information hub on our website.

Read the RACS guidelines for the management of surgical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF 131.36KB).

Optimal approach on laparoscopic surgery
We encourage you to read a paper by Associate Professor David Cavallucci on optimal approach on laparoscopic surgery.
According to the paper, a multitude of guidelines are appearing in many countries to help surgeons manage patients in the setting of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Some of these guidelines include strong language against the use of laparoscopy or provide confusing statements that surgeons might choose to avoid laparoscopy out of “an abundance of caution”. The paper notes "There exists no current evidence that laparoscopy presents a greater risk to the surgical team than open surgery in the management of patients with most viral illnesses, including COVID-19".
Read the paper (PDF 198.29KB).

Continuing professional development (CPD)
We are expecting that there will be a statement from the Medical Board of Australia this week about CPD. We will share this with you when it is available. 

Governments should provide life-line to private hospitals
Last night we called on federal and state governments to inject resources into the private hospital sector now, to prevent nursing stand-downs and hospital closures. We need to send out a life-line to private hospitals now, so they are ready and able to help when the full impact of COVID-19 hits.

We have asked governments to support the wages of nurses in private hospitals, by transferring public non-deferrable category 1 and 2 cases to private hospitals when appropriate. Supporting the private sector now will save jobs and ensure all possible health sector resources are online when the full impact of COVID-19 seriously hits. Read our media release.

Covid-19 guidelines for General Surgery
General Surgeons Australia (GSA), the New Zealand Association of General Surgeons (NZAGS), and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), along with other specialty surgical groups, are working closely to ensure that confusion is minimised and that a consistent message is delivered to all health providers.
Download the COVID-19 Guidelines for General Surgery developed by General Surgeons Australia and the RACS Australian Board in General Surgery.

Risks posed by COVID-19 to ENT surgeons and trainees
The Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (ASOHNS) have identified risks posed by COVID-19 to ENT surgeons and trainees. Read the full ASOHNS guidelines addressing the COVID-19 pandemic here.  

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