There is a vacancy for the position of committee member on the Research and Evaluation incorporating ASERNIP-S (R & E inc. ASERNIP-S) Committee from October 2021. Expressions of interest are being sought from Fellows with a strong interest in evidence-based surgery. The R & E inc. ASERNIP-S Committee is accountable to Council via the Research and Academic Surgery Committee and the Professional Standards & Advocacy Committee. The Terms of Reference are available on request from the ASERNIP-S Manager ([email protected]).

The R & E inc. ASERNIP-S Committee objectives are:

  • To provide leadership and guidance to the RACS program of research and evaluation, and to develop and monitor a strategy to meet program objectives
  • To exercise direction over activities and monitor their execution
  • To advise on relevant externally-funded work opportunities which may be of benefit to RACS
  • To be informed on all outputs of R&E/ASERNIP-S
  • To advise on wider publication and dissemination of R&E/ASERNIP-S activities and outputs in appropriate forums and advocate for R&E/ASERNIP-S
  • To be informed and assist in developing strategies to manage risks to R&E/ASERNIP-S

Please send expression of interest, with a brief CV to the Chair, Professor Brendon Kearney at [email protected] by 22 October 2021.