Following a special RACS Council meeting on 1 September, the Fellowship Examinations will be reinstated for 2021 with a new date set for the written exam on 12 October and the existing dates of 5 – 7 November kept for the clinical vivas.

We made this decision following feedback from our stakeholders after the cancellation of the exams last week. We have listened to their concerns and decided to run the exam for as many candidates as possible. We apologise for this change and regret any inconvenience caused.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means that we must proceed carefully to safeguard the health and safety of candidates, examiners and the many staff who help make the exams possible, as well as the public

The exams will be held across multiple locations in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. More information on this, including registration details will be sent to candidates next week.

All specialties will not be able to hold an exam, and in some instances, not all specialties may be able to accommodate all candidates. While our dedicated examiners and staff are determined to succeed in this endeavour, please be aware that due to the ongoing COVID-19 conditions, we may be required to make further changes, including cancellations.