The conversation around us about discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment has changed radically, but is the behaviour of surgeons any different?  It’s time to re-check the incidence of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in surgery, in a follow-up prevalence survey. 

Results of the 2015 prevalence survey inspired the College’s commitment to build respect in surgery. Five years on, as promised, RACS has commissioned a follow-up prevalence survey. 

RACS wants to hear from all Fellows, Trainees and Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs), to get an accurate picture of the culture of surgery and the incidence of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment. Your feedback will help create a strong, current evidence base. Help RACS make sure the next Action Plan builds respect and improves patient safety.

It’s time to update the data, so the College knows more about the problem it is trying to solve now. It’s confidential and safe to do the prevalence survey. The information gathered will not be identifiable. The survey is being run independent of RACS.

You can get more information about the survey when you follow the survey link sent to you via email.