The 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Plan Progress Update presents the work we have done in recent years to increase diversity in our profession.

Ensuring the surgical profession reflects the community we serve remains a priority for RACS. Work towards achievement of the goals and objectives in this plan will continue.

Diversity, in all its dimensions, will strengthen the profession of surgery and the College. Recognising this, in 2016 RACS created its first Diversity and Inclusion Plan. We made this specific commitment as part of our wider work to build a culture of respect in surgery.

The RACS Diversity and Inclusion Plan sets five objectives and our progress against these is detailed in this report.

We are working towards:

  • inclusive culture and leadership excellence
  • gender equity
  • inclusion of diversity groups
  • diverse representation on Boards and in leadership roles, and
  • benchmarking and reporting.

View the latest progress update (PDF 4.12MB).