In December 2015, Council approved that all Fellows, Trainees and IMGs have access to the JDocs Portfolio, which was launched for junior doctors in February 2016. I am delighted to announce that Fellows and Regional Office staff will have access to JDocs View from 10th October 2017, with Trainees and IMGs to follow from early 2018.

As many of our Fellows support junior doctor education in their respective hospitals, this is an important step for Fellows to gain insight into the functionality and educational resources available to support surgical aspirants; it may also be a way in which to promote the JDocs Framework and Portfolio. It is also important for our regional offices, who not only support prevocational events within their region, but who also respond to queries from medical students and doctors who are interested in a surgical career. JDocs View will enable regional staff to demonstrate the educational resources and assessment tools available to help the self-directed doctor become better informed and prepared to pursue a career in surgery.

Since the launch of the JDocs Portfolio in February 2016, over 900 doctors have subscribed to JDocs, 117 have registered for the SET training program and 53 JDocs subscribers were identified as SET applicants in 2017. We hope to have sufficient data next year to analyse and measure the impact of junior doctor engagement with JDocs prior to entry to SET.

Effective 10th October 2017, Fellows and Regional Office staff will be able to access the JDocs Portfolio from Useful Links within the RACS Portfolio, as shown below:

Further information on how to navigate in JDocs View is available here.

Pop-up notifications will be visible while in JDocs View; RACS members can very easily revert to their personal Portfolio at any time.

Please note this does NOT allow access to junior doctors' personal portfolios - JDocs View is a resource for Fellows to gain insight into the functionality and educational resources that have been developed to support the JDocs Framework.

If you have any queries, please contact Jacky Heath, Manager, Prevocational and Online Education at [email protected].