In 1950, the sculptor Barbara Hepworth wrote:

There is, it seems to me, a close affinity between the work of both physicians and surgeons, and painters and sculptors.

The theme of art and surgery has been extended with displays in the walkway of the RACS Melbourne office. Apart from boards discussing the theme, three showcases contain:

  • Diplomatic gifts from other colleges including a crystal model of the Wan Chai Post Office and a model car with a scene on the roof depicting a rural Philippine setting.
  • The work of surgeon, photographer and inventor, JAR Smith. Julian Smith’s photographs were highly regarded. In 1949, his importance as a photographer was recognised by Kodak who published a portfolio of his portraits entitled Fifty Masterpieces of Photography.
  • Archibald Watson produced surgical diaries for a practical purpose, but they were competently illustrated with anatomical drawings. Other aspects of his interesting life are also covered.

Displays have also been changed in the College museum and they include:

  • Revamped neurosurgical and Sidcup cases
  • A case dedicated to the College’s patron, H.R.H Prince Charles
  • Suturing which includes kangaroo tendons from c.1913
  • A new setting for Thomas Glass Millar’s ENT chair and stool

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