The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) has produced various guidelines on COVID-19 safe practice.

Our most recent report - Delaying Surgery for Patients Recovering from COVID-19 is available for download. Access a copy (PDF 631.07KB) of the report.

RACS developed these evidence-based reports to ensure surgeons and other health practitioners have the most up to date information to inform best practice safe surgery during the pandemic.

The guidelines have been produced to aid surgeons make the correct clinical judgement and decision making in healthcare delivery. They also equip practitioners with trusted information to inform engagement with patients.

We encourage our Fellows, Trainees and Specialist International Medical Graduates to use these guidelines and also follow the direction of their respective chief medical officer, health jurisdiction and relevant specialty society sources.

In this time of widespread distribution of information, sometimes coming from what seems like authoritative sources, RACS recommends that before acting on such reports, people should check information with their family doctor or surgeon and follow the official advice from their local Chief Health Officer.

For more RACS reports and guidelines visit our website.