The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) acknowledges reports of a significant reduction in injured patients presenting to the Emergency Departments of hospitals in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine, following the enactment of several recommendations from the Review of alcohol policies and legislation (the Riley Review) headed by former Chief Justice Trevor Riley.

In a letter to The Hon Natasha Fules, Minister for Health and Attorney-General for NT, RACS President Mr Tony Sparnon and RACS Bi-National Trauma Committee Chair John Crozier praised the NT Government for adopting this comprehensive legislation in such a timely manner after the Riley review had been delivered.

“The NT Minister for Health should be especially commended for facilitating adoption of this legislation,” said Mr Sparnon.

“It is rare for such improvements in health outcomes to be achieved so rapidly, and a testament to the benefit of reasonable legislation, introduced on the basis of compelling, evidence-based recommendations after a rigorous review,” said Dr Crozier.

RACS advocates strongly for reduction of alcohol related harm. RACS hopes that the leadership demonstrated by the current NT Government in the adoption of these measures will be rewarded with sustained evidence of alcohol related harm reduction, and that such evidence will enervate other jurisdictions to adopt comparable legislation.