We are upgrading our systems by improving our network and security capabilities.

As part of the One College Transformation program, on Saturday 27 February we will be replacing the core network switch. This will allow us to have a new and improved network that will see us through the rest of the transformation journey and beyond. Replacing our core switch will mean that our tech systems can adapt to new applications and equipment as we move into the future.

Impact details

To carry out this network upgrade, the following applications will be offline on Saturday 27 February, 8am-7pm AEDT:

  • Access to the RACS website
  • Access to applications that require a login:
    • Portfolio, eCommittees, Library, MALT, CPD, BAS and eLearning
    • Registration & Enrolments, IMG Online Application, IMG Progress Report, Mini-CEX   and DOPS, Provider Portal.
  • Citrix (CHASM and RACS) 

If you have any further queries, please contact the RACS Service Desk via email at [email protected].