Younger Fellows from across Australia and New Zealand arrived in Bangkok early for the annual Younger Fellows Forum from 3 to 5 May 2019.

The event, which is held every year prior to the ASC, provided an opportunity for Younger Fellows to meet with one another in a relaxed environment, where they participated in a range of activities from team building exercises, to extensive discussions about "hot College topics."

Dr Jennifer Ah Toy, a Queensland paediatric surgeon, described the event as an excellent avenue for Younger Fellows to identify issues of common interest, and interact with the College hierarchy

"As a surgeon from a smaller specialty it was so valuable to have younger fellows from so many different specialties come together. We found that despite our different backgrounds many of our experiences and concerns were the same."

"It was excellent to have the President and some of the Councillors attend to help us understand the infrastructure of RACS a little bit, and also to realise that RACS is doing a lot more than we necessarily realise."

 "It is not 'the College' it is 'our College' and as a group we are all  passionate about issues affecting training and Younger Fellows. The forum was an extremely valuable way to share our ideas and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering nominating for next year's event."