The possible reintroduction in New South Wales of warning signs positioned close to mobile speed safety cameras heralds a backward step in road safety. 

Mobile safety cameras which detect speeding drivers, or drivers holding mobile phones or failing to wear seat belts are essential for the protection and safety of all road users, they should not be sign posted. 

Dr John Crozier, Chair of the National Trauma Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, warned that failing to demonstrate leadership in this area would result in more deaths on NSW roads.

“Populist appeal and politics is threatening a proven road safety measure, which New South Wales had only recently introduced, following years of leadership by most other jurisdictions in Australia. 

“Acting on fake news claiming the primacy of the measure as a revenue raiser will result in preventable death and serious injuries on our roads in New South Wales if the warning signs are reintroduced.

“As surgeons we see the consequences of injuries is significantly worsened by even minor speeding offences. Removing warning signs encourages drivers to comply with road safety rules, reducing the occurrence of financial penalties or loss of demerit points.

“We are appalled by the prospect of losing the benefit of this reasonable safety measure!”