RACS ASC 2021 is the largest multi-disciplinary surgical meeting held in the southern hemisphere and will bring together a diverse array of leading international and national experts across different surgical specialties.

Over 650 surgeons will gather in person, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with more than 2600 virtually from international locations, and at various hubs throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

There will be a diverse array of leading international and national visitors from experts across many different specialties and surgical topics.

This year, the Congress will be co-sponsored with the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

The theme, ‘Celebrating the art of surgery in a time of disruption’ offers surgeons the opportunity to reconsider how and where they deliver care. 

“To survive the changes 2020 presented us with, we have had to find creative ways to adapt our practices, support our patients and provide care to our communities,” said Professor Wendy Brown, RACS ASC 2021 Convenor.

“We have constantly needed to be agile and adapt – as the landscape changed, sometimes daily,” said Associate Professor Sebastian King, RACS ASC 2021 Scientific Convenor.

“Our surgeons had to rely on the art of what they do, not just the science of what they do. This creative element drives surgeons to continually improve and innovate and this is what we want to showcase at RACS ASC 2021.”

“In a practical way,” added Professor Brown, “surgeons pursue various artistic interests that translate to their work with patients. We have used a virtual art gallery to present the talents our surgeons have not only with a scalpel but also in music, painting, sculpting and other creative pursuits.”

Our surgeons’ artistic achievements can be viewed in a virtual art gallery.

View the full program for the RACS ASC 2021 on our website.

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