Chair of the RACS Trauma Committee, Dr Matthew Hope endorsed this proposal to bring increased safety to the community and reduce trauma-related injuries from firearm violence. 

“The proposal to develop eight license types for specific groups of firearm users and implement digital licenses and an online portal for firearm owners are changes the committee hopes to see pass, and eventually introduced nationally,” said Dr Hope. 

The College has a longstanding history of advocating for strict gun safety, and in 2022, released a statement adding its voice to the growing calls for a compulsory national gun register.
“Similar to the national gun register, the digital licenses and online portal will aid in improving the quality of data gathered by regulators. It will also give officers real-time access to licence holder details,” added Dr Hope. 

Since 2009, WA firearm numbers have increased by 65 per cent to more than 360,000. Over the past five years, on average one firearm has been stolen in WA every day. If the proposed reforms are introduced, it is estimated to remove up to 13,000 guns from the WA community. 

Since 1991, the RACS Trauma Committee has contributed to important legislative changes and advocacy work across a range of issues affecting the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand communities. In its gun safety work, the committee aims to increase public safety through:

• Strict gun safety including the compulsory national register of all firearms.
• Banning and prohibition of importation by individuals of semi-automatic and pump-action rifles and shotguns.
• Compulsory training, education and licensing measures.
• A mechanism for regularly reviewing firearm safety measures.


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