The Adelaide Score, the brainchild of researchers at the University of Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Health and Information (HI) collaborative*, could be tested in South Australian hospitals later this year, following an extensive study which examined the performance of machine learning algorithms.

Dr Joshua Kovoor, a full-time PhD in surgery candidate at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide said hospital stays of almost 9,000 South Australian general surgery patients were analysed in the derivation study.

“Currently, no tool accurately predicts patient discharge in real-time within the Australian health care system,” Dr Kovoor said.

“We hope the Adelaide score will streamline and simplify discharge planning after surgery for everyone in the healthcare system, including doctors, nurses and most importantly the patient and their loved ones.

“The Adelaide Score involves artificial intelligence algorithms. With proper training, the more it is used, the more accurate it will become in predicting patient discharge times.”

Dr Kovoor said the study referenced tens of thousands of ward round note timings, and included inputs including vital signs and blood test data.

“Because the Adelaide Score uses objective inputs, it can be implemented in any hospital around the world, delivering extraordinary cost savings,” Dr Kovoor said.

“We’re exploring options, however, the Adelaide Score could one day be integrated into a patient’s electronic medical record or accessed via an app.

“We hope the Adelaide Score will be a mainstay of every Australian hospital within the next decade.”

Dr Kovoor and team’s* research was unveiled at the the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress in Adelaide (1-5 May).

The Congress is the largest multi-disciplinary surgical meeting held in the southern hemisphere and brings together some of the top surgical and medical minds from across Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of the world.

For more information about the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress, please visit:

*Dr Joshua Kovoor, Dr Stephen Bacchi, Dr Aashray Gupta, Dr Brandon Stretton, Dr James Malycha, Dr Benjamin Reddi, Prof Danny Liew, Prof Gerry O’Callaghan, Prof John Beltrame, Prof Andrew Zannettino, Prof Karen Jones, Prof Michael Horowitz, A/Prof Christopher Dobbins, Prof Peter Hewett, Dr Markus Trochsler, and Prof Guy Maddern.


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