The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is urgently calling for stronger regulation of commercial electric scooter operators, following a concerning increase in crashes resulting in severe injuries, including fractures and head trauma.

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular for short trips and leisure activities, but the lack of proper regulations has led to an alarming number of crashes. RACS has seen a significant rise in the number of patients admitted to hospitals across Western Australia with severe injuries related to electric scooters.

RACS acknowledges the efforts of the federal and state government to introduce regulations regarding electric scooter usage, but we urge the authorities to take stricter measures to protect users and the general public. RACS calls for a limit on the number of electric scooters in public areas, the implementation of speed limits, and the compulsory use of helmets by riders.

Commercial operators of electric scooters must take responsibility for ensuring that their services comply with proper regulations and are safe for users. RACS pleads for immediate curbs on commercial operators to prevent harm to users and the general public. Operators need to ensure that riders receive adequate training and are aware of the risks involved. They must also be held responsible for any crashes or injuries caused by their services.

RACS strongly believes that the regulation of electric scooter usage is necessary to prevent injuries and fatalities. The public must take necessary precautions when using electric scooters, including wearing helmets, following traffic rules, and being mindful of their surroundings.

The time for action is now. RACS urges the authorities to take immediate steps to regulate commercial operators of electric scooters to prevent harm to users and the general public.

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