• Policy and guideline

    The recipient:
    - is required to provide a project report (800-1000 words, of publishable quality) at the end of the Fellowship year
    - is expected to attend a formal presentation at the RACS Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) Convocation ceremony in May in the year of Fellowship
    - must be prepared to make a 20 minute oral presentation at the ASC on their research work, including the contribution arising from the Fellowship.

    Please also refer to the:
    - Scholarships and Grants program research scholarship policy (PDF 584.32KB)
    - John Mitchell Crouch Fellowship guideline (PDF 248.41KB)

  • Who can apply?

    To be eligible, you must be:
    - a RACS Fellow and have obtained RACS Fellowship (or your comparable overseas qualification) within the past 15 years.

    Please note, previous recipients and FRACS applicants are ineligible for this Fellowship.

  • Activity

    Your activity needs support the continuation of your outstanding contribution to the advancement of surgery or to fundamental scientific research in the field in which you are actively working.

    Unless otherwise negotiated or stipulated in the respective guideline, the commencement date for scholarships is 1 January in the year following application.

  • Tenure

    1 year

  • Application requirements
    Your application is to include:

    - your career and employment details
    - your research proposal including: your project aim and research questions; research objectives; scientific literature references; research design; data analysis; limitations and assumptions and project plan.
    - a list of your five most important publications including the URL or DOI. Impact factors and impact range for your sub-specialty to be included.
    - a list of your five most important conference presentations.
  • Selection and awarding

    - assessment is via your written application only. There is no interview for this scholarship
    - the selection panel is comprised of all members of the ANZ Scholarship and Grant Committee

    - payment is made to the administering institution in one instalment by 1 March of the scholarship year (upon receipt of a valid tax invoice).

  • To apply
    Application is via the Scholarships and Grants Program online platform, RACS Unlock, hosted by Survey Monkey Apply.

    You may register as an applicant on RACS Unlock at any time, however applications will not display on your dashboard until the Scholarships and Grants Program application opening date. There is no need to re-register if you already have a RACS Unlock registration.

    Please note: emailed applications are not accepted.

    Visit RACS Unlock
  • Contact
    Scholarship and grant team
    Email: [email protected]