• Who can apply?

    Applications are open to:
    - RACS Fellows
    - SAGES members (including candidate and student members, and members currently residing outside of Australia)
    - RACS SET Trainees 
    - Specialist International Medical Graduates (as defined by RACS - on the pathway to RACS Fellowship)
    - Junior doctors registered to practise in Australia

    The recipient would ideally reside in Adelaide, Australia, for the duration for the scholarship. Remote working will be considered if the recipient is able to visit Adelaide for face-to-face meetings at least on a quarterly basis and works in Adelaide with the ASERNIP-S team for an orientation period of at least two weeks.

    All applicants will receive equal weighting during the selection process, irrespective of location. 

    The recipient will need to be or become a member of SAGES in order to accept this scholarship.

  • Value
    AUD$66,000 stipend of which AUD$33,000 is co-funded by SAGES (per annum)
  • Tenure
    Two years. 

    Note: this scholarship is not able to be taken part-time.
  • Application

    Your application is to include:

    - your career and employment details
    - details for up to five publications (optional)
    - an outline of your experience (if any) in systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines development and/or health technology assessment
    - an outline of your experience (if any)
     in biostatistics and/or guidelines/HTA methodology
    - an outline of your career goals
    - a response regarding your interest in pursuing this scholarship


  • Activity

    The recipient will work on projects both for RACS ASERNIP-S and for SAGES, dividing their time equally between both organisations. Some of these projects will be joint endeavours by the two organisations. 

    Responsibilities include:

    - appraising the literature and conduct systematic reviews on high yield surgical topics, under the supervision of experts
    using systematic review research to support the development of a health technology assessment

    - engaging in the development of clinical practice guidelines for surgeons 

    - effectively guide working groups in the development of guidelines

    - participating in publications of developed guidelines.

    This is a full-time position and there must be a full-time commitment to the scholarship. Part-time is not permissible. Clinical work may be possible in line with the RACS Research policy and with the approval of the supervisory team and credentialing bodies. If a foreign applicant is successful and they wish to undertake clinical work, it is their responsibility to obtain approval from AHPRA.

    For further details regarding Heath Technology Assessment and Clinical Practice Guidelines responsibilities , please read the Evidence Guidance Research Scholarship guideline - as linked under the To Apply heading on this webpage.

  • Selection
    Selection is via written application and interview (all applicants are invited to interview).

    The interview panel will assess the applicant's ability to show a thorough understanding of systematic reviews and CPGs, as well as any previous experience in conducting them. Prior experience with systematic reviews is beneficial but not required.

    Additionally, applicants will need to show a high level of time management and attention to detail as they will be working on a number of projects at any one time. They will need to have superior communication skills and work well in a team.
  • Recipient obligations

    The recipient is required to:

    • ideally, work in Adelaide alongside the RACS ASERNIP-S team or be able to visit for regular face-to-face meetings
    • commit full-time to the scholarship. Part-time clinical work may be possible with the approval of the supervisory team
    • complete SAGES induction training
    • produce a research protocol within the first 3 months that will be provided to the RACS Scholarships and Grants team
    • produce at least one systematic review and related peer-reviewed publications on a topic approved by RACS
    • present their research at the annual meeting of the Surgical Research Society of Australasia, at least once, during the scholarship period or within 12 months following the scholarship period.
  • Payment

    Payment will be made by instalments at regular intervals during the scholarship year.

    This scholarship is made up of a stipend component only.

  • To apply

    Before applying, please read:

    - the Research Scholarships policy (PDF 193.73KB)

    - the Evidence Guidance Research Scholarship guideline (PDF 55.24KB) 

    To apply:

    - click on the Apply Now link to go to RACS Unlock

    - if you haven't already, register at RACS Unlock

    - complete or update the eligibility questions

    - if you have previously registered, click on Programs at the top right hand side of your screen, go to Research scholarships and select MORE>

    - click on APPLY

    - commence your application - read any task instructions before commencing each form

    - complete the career and employment, demographic and grant forms

    Apply now


  • More information

    For further information regarding this scholarship please email scholarships@surgeons.org and address to the attention of either: Dr Geoff Kohn, Co-Chair, SAGES Guidelines Committee or Associate Professor Wendy Babidge, General Manager, RACS Research, Audit and Academic Surgery

  • Contact
    Please email scholarships@surgeons.org if you experience issues or need assistance with your application in RACS Unlock