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    RACS fees are reviewed annually and listed on the College fees page. 

    SIMGs who apply to RACS for a Specialist or Area of Need Assessment will be charged an initial application fee. Following the assessment, SIMGs who are offered and accept a Specialist Pathway towards Fellowship of RACS may be charged various fees throughout their pathway, including supervision and examination fees. 

    Specialist Pathway fees (2022) may include:

    Specialist Assessment application fee AUD $9,745.00 (GST not required)

    RACS Supervised Practice – onsite AUD $7,900.00 per annum (GST not required)

    RACS Supervised Practice – remote AUD $22,545.00 per annum (GST not required)

    Fellowship examination fee AUD $8,950.00 per attempt (GST not required)

    SIMG administration fee AUD $980.00 (GST not required)

    Fellowship entrance fee AUD $6,105.00 (GST included)

    SIMGs should become aware of all required and potential fees before accepting their Specialist Pathway. The total costs encountered by SIMGs on a Specialist Pathway (Specialist Recognition and Area of Need) depend on a number of factors. Please refer to the Specialist Pathway – Indicative Costs document for more information, including examples of possible scenarios leading to different total costs.