Experiencing hardship

We know that anyone can experience financial and other difficulties at one time or another. Illness, injury, a relationship breakup or over-commitment can put stress on you and your finances and lead to hardship.

Even if the difficulty is temporary, reaching out for support can help get you back on your feet faster.

If you’re facing hardship, as a first step please explore our Scholarships and Grants to see what might be available to assist you.


If these are not appropriate or will not be timely enough, RACS can offer:

  • alternative payment plans
  • extensions of payment deadlines, and
  • special considerations in relation to education and training requirements and policies.

To be considered for one of these options, please contact the relevant address.

Converge International

RACS also offers confidential support through Converge International for Fellows, Trainees, Specialist International Medical Graduates, RACS Global Health Volunteers, and their immediate family members. Counsellors are available to listen and support you with any personal or work-related concerns. Please refer to RACS Support Program | RACS (surgeons.org).