Doctors' wellbeing resources

Pandemic Kindness Movement – support options in the domains of Maslow’s hierarchy, curated by clinicians.  Resources include online courses, videos and posters.

The Essential Network (TEN)  - hosted by the Black Dog Institute.  An online resource hub for healthcare workers featuring an online clinic, resources and mental health assessment information. 

Drs4Drs Resource Hub – featuring online resources, referral services and importantly for wellbeing, information to help you find a GP.

Every Doctor: Healthier Doctors = Healthier Patients  - an eBook by Leanne Rowe and Michael Kidd

Mental Health Check In (PDF 318.6KB) - a tip sheet to reflect on mental wellbeing

Having a GP

Looking out for your colleagues

How to start a conversation – R U OK initiative 

Supporting your colleagues – Prof Michael West Video Series, NHS National Taskforce for Staff Support and Wellbeing

I’m worried about my colleague

Counselling and support helplines

Articles and news

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