The recipient of this scholarship presents the American College of Surgeons' Lecture at the RACS Annual Scientific Congress and visits several medical centres in the Australasian region.

The purpose of this Fellowship is to encourage international exchange of information concerning surgical science, practice, and education and to establish professional and academic collaborations and friendships.

The Australasian side of the exchange is the Hugh Johnston ANZ ACS Travelling Fellowship.

Previous lecturers

2021 - Associate Professor Edward Chang - Endothelial and Vascular foci in plastic surgery
2019 - Associate Professor Jayme Locke - Surgeons, science and policy - Our roles as leaders in medicine
2018 - Associate Professor Mayur Patel - The surgical patient in ICU - Insights into survivorship
2017 - Professor Clay Burlew - Haemorrhage control in pelvic fracture

2016 - Sarah Paragani - Vocal chord ultrasonography - it it ready for prime time?
2015 - Associate Professor Clifford Cho - New perspectives on melanoma
2014 - Professor Wei Zhou - Cognitive impairment after carotid intervention
2013 - Nancy Baxter - Quality control in colonoscopy : How to avoid missing tumours
2012 - Associate Professor Vikram Kashyap - Novel observations on human endothelial dysfunction
2011 - Thomas Aloia - A novel functional staging system for hepatocellular carcinoma
2010 - Associate Professor Nipun Merchant - Progress in the management of pancreas cancer: not an oxymoron
2009 - Richard Bold - Population-based outcomes in pancreatic cancer
2008 - Fiemu Nwariaku - Thyroid cancer: new paradigms, new therapies
2007 - Herbert Chen - Gastro-intestinal neuro-endocrine tumours: current and future therapies
2006 - Robert Cima - The Evolution of the Intestinal Pouch-anal Aanastomosis
2005 - K. Cheung - Management of Mutilating Injuries to the Upper Extremity
2004 - J. Cullen - Preventing Postoperative Infections due to Staphylococcus Aureus