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The G.J. Royal Memorial Lecture was established in 1991 to honour the late G.J. Royal (1939-1991) and recognise his work both for the College and in particular the Victorian State Committee.

This lecture is delivered at the G.J Royal Lecture and Award dinner. The lecturer is then awarded the G.J. Royal Medal by the Victorian State Committee.

Award recipients

2023 - Dr Bruce Mann
2022 - Dr Annette Holian
2021 - Not awarded
2020 - Dr Craigh Hough 
2019 - Dr Alexander (Sandy) Heriot 
2018 - Dr Vijayaragavan Muralidharan 
2017 - Professor David Watters - "A toast to healthy Healthcare"
2016 - Professor Ian Harris - "Surgery as Placebo"
2015 - Associate Professor Hamish Ewing
2014 - Professor Michael Grigg - "Ultra senographers do it with greater frequency"
2013 - Dr Beth Wilson
2012 - Dr Professor David Fletcher
2011 - Dr  Glenn Douglas Guest
2010 - Professor G. Ian Taylor - "Keeping Abreast"
2009 - No speaker - Hypothetical Panel
2008 - Dr  Guy Maddern - "Academic surgery: whither or wither?"
2007 - Dr Andrew Sutherland - "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child-thirty five years of scoliosis surgery"
2006 - Dr Russell Gruen - "Equity and Access"
2005 - Professor Jeff Rosenfeld FRACS - "Challenges Of Surgery In The Iraq War"
2004 - Dr Daryl Wall FRACS - "Navigation Principles in Surgical Practice"
2003 - Professor David Gotley FRACS - "The Molecular Revolution 10 Years on: promises met or just pipedreams?"
2002 - Professor John Royle FRACS - "College's History in the 75th Year"
2001 - Professor Wayne Morrison AM, FRACS, Plastic Surgeon, VIC - "Reconstructive Surgery and Tissue Engineering"
2000 - Professor Bruce Barraclough, FRACS, General Surgeon, NSW - "Initiatives in Safety and Quality Improvements of Surgical
1999 - Professor Glyn Jamieson, FRACS, General Surgeon, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA - "Surgical Beliefs/Surgical Behaviour: Which is Chicken and Which is Egg?"
1998 - Dr Joseph Epstein, FRACS, General Surgeon, Western Hospital - "Evaluation of Surgical Care."
1997 - Professor Stephen Deane, FRACS, General Surgeon, Liverpool Hospital, NSW - "Leadership in Generalism - Surgical Systems at the Crossroads."
1996 - Dr Don Sheldon, FRACS, General Surgeon, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney - "Managed Care."
1995 - Professor Donald MacLellan, FRACS, General Surgeon, Austin Repatriation Medical Centre, Repatriation Campus - "Moist Wound Healing - The Renaissance of Tissue Repair."
1994 - Dr  Andrew McLeish, FRACS, Colorectal Surgeon, Austin Hospital - "Update in Colorectal Cancer."
1993 - Dr Spencer Beasley, FRACS, Paediatric Surgeon, Royal Children's Hospital - "The Inguino-Scrotal Region in Children: Problems and Solutions."
1992 - Dr Tim Wilson, FRACS, Director Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Sydney Hospital - "Evolution of Minimally Invasive Techniques in General Surgery."
1991 - Associate Professor James Shaw, FRACS, Cancer and Vascular Surgeon, University Department of Surgery, Auckland Hospital, New Zealand - "Surgical Oncology: General and Personal Perspectives."