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The Gordon Baron-Hay Medal was first proposed by the State Committee in 2010 replacing the longstanding RACS Registrars Papers Day Award. Professor Gordon Baron-Hay, was a well known and highly respected Paediatric Surgeon, who was dedicated in the training of surgeons in Western Australia. Professor Baron-Hay was Chair of the WA State Committee from 1993-1995 and was a committed committee member for nine years.

This medal is awarded to the best paper presented by a SET Trainee, IMG or service registrar who are eligible based on clinical material submitted to the convener.

Award recipients

2013 - John Wood, Paige Tucker
2012 - Simon Zilko
2011 - Linda Monshizadeh
2010 - Jacinta Hatch, Daniel Hng
2009 - Stephanie Chetrit, David Colbert
2008 - Saud Hamza, Alex Hockings
2007 - Dr Parshotam Gera, Dr David Koong
2006 - Dr Matt Brown, Dr Mouhannad Jaber
2005 - Dr Tao Shan Lim/Dr Andrew Finlayson, Dr Ganeesh Ramaseshan
2004 - Dr N Samnakay, Dr J Gault
2003 - Dr N Samnakay, Dr P Moroz
2002 - Dr G Lee, Dr P Moroz
2001 - Dr S Parnis, Dr N Samnakay
1999 - Dr E Whan, Dr R Love