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Each year up to three awards can be presented at the NSW Annual Meeting or at the Regional Committee Dinner. The award is open to Fellows of the College, other medical practitioners or to members of the public.

The award is made for the best overall presentation at the discretion of the regional committee and for distinguished service to surgery in New South Wales. The award committee comprises the executive members of the NSW Regional Committee and the supervisors of surgical training.

Award recipients

2017 - Paul Stalley, Henry Pleass and Raymond Sacks
2016 - Alan Meagher
2015 - John Graham, Peter Ross Campbell
2014 - Brian Owler
2013 - John A Crozier, Alan E Farnsworth, John P Fletcher
2012 - Bryan Yeo, Kerin Fielding
2011 - Reginald S A Lord, Graham R Nunn, Alan Kline
2010 - Graeme D Richardson, Martin G Jones, William P R Gibson
2009 - Robert A North, Michael R Fearnside, Antony R Graham
2008 - John Dixon Hughes, Peter J R Zelas