Upcoming Council meetings and events

In 2024 both Council Executive and Council meetings will be conducted virtually and face-to-face.

Council 2024
Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February 2024
Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June 2024
Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October 2024

Council Executive 2024
Thursday 25 January 2024 - virtual
Friday 22 March 2024 - virtual
Friday 26 April 2024 - virtual
Friday 31 May 2024 - virtual
Friday 26 July 2024 - virtual
Friday 30 August 2024 - virtual 
Friday 29 November 2024 - virtual

2024 Annual Scientific Congress
Monday 6 to Friday 10 May 2024 (Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre)
Monday 6 May: Convocation
Thursday 9 May: Annual General Meeting

Office bearers

Kerin Fielding
President and Chair of Council and Council Executive
Associate Professor Kerin Fielding
NSW Fellowship Elected Councillor
Orthopaedic surgeon

Owen Ung
Vice President
Professor Owen Ung
QLD Fellowship Elected Councillor
General surgeon

Adrian Anthony
Dr Adrian Anthony
SA Fellowship Elected Councillor
General surgeon

Rebecca Jack
Dr Rebecca Jack
QLD Fellowship Elected Councillor
Vascular surgeon

Christine Lai
Chair, Professional Standards and Fellowship Services Committee
Dr Christine Lai
SA Fellowship Elected Councillor
General surgeon

Office holders

Phil Morreau 
Chair, Committee of Surgical Education and Training
Dr Phillip Morreau
AoNZ Specialty Elected Councillor
Paediatric surgeon

Ruth Bollard 2024
Chair, SIMG Assessment
Dr Ruth Bollard
VIC Fellowship Elected Councillor
General surgeon

 Professor Raymond Sacks
Chair, Court of Examiners
Professor Raymond Sacks
NSW Specialty Elected Councillor
Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgeon

Professor Mark Frydenberg
Chair, Health Policy and Advocacy
Professor Mark Frydenberg AM
VIC Specialty Elected Councillor

Henry Woo
Chair, Professional Standards
Professor Henry Woo
NSW Fellowship Elected Councillor

Chair, Professional Development
Dr Richard Bradbury
NT Fellowship Elected Councillor
General surgeon

Mark Ashton
Chair, Fellowship Services
Professor Mark Ashton
VIC Specialty Elected Councillor
Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon

Nicola Hill
Chair, Research and Academic Surgery
Dr Nicola Hill
AoNZ Fellowship Elected Councillor
Otolaryngology Head & Neck surgeon

Mark Dexter
Chair, Global Health
Dr Mark Dexter
NSW Specialty Elected Councillor

Dr Philip Morreau
Chair, Prevocational and Skills Education Committee
Dr Sarah Coll
QLD Fellowship Elected Councillor
Orthopaedic surgeon

 Dr Rebecca Jack
Deputy Treasurer
Associate Professor Andrew Cochrane
VIC Specialty Elected Councillor
Cardiothoracic surgeon

Chair, ASC Conference & Events
Professor Deborah Bailey
QLD Fellowship Elected Councillor
Paediatric surgeon

Fellowship elected councillors

(in alphabetical order)

Dr Ailene Fitzgerald 
Dr Ailene Fitzgerald
ACT General surgeon
Annette Holian
Dr Annette Holian
VIC Orthopaedic surgeon

Dr David King
Dr David King
SA Vascular surgeon
Christopher Pyke
Professor Christopher Pyke
QLD General surgeon

Richard Wong She
Dr Richard Wong She
AoNZ Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon


Specialty elected councillors

Dr Greg Witherow
WA Orthopaedic surgeon

Dr Gregory Keogh
NSW General surgeon

Roxanne Wu
Dr Roxanne Wu
QLD Vascular surgeon

Co-opted councillors


Souella Cumming
Ms Souella Cumming
AoNZ Expert Community Adviser (non FRACS)

Mr Shane Solomon
VIC Expert Community Adviser (non FRACS)

Will Blake
Dr Will Blake
VIC Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon,
representing Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellows   

Nishanthi Gurusinghe
Dr Nishanthi Gurusinghe
TAS General Surgeon, representing Tasmanian Fellows

Andrew MacCormick
Associate Professor Andrew MacCormick
AoNZ General Surgeon, representing AoNZ Fellows

 Dr Sue Hui Ong
Dr Sue Hui Ong
RACS Trainees' Association representative

Invited observers

Dr Shehnarz Salindera

Dr Shehnarz Salindera
Younger Fellows representative

Dr Chris Cokis 

Dr Chris Cokis
President, Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

Principal advisers to Council

John Quinn
Dr John Quinn AM
Executive Director for Surgical Affairs Australia

Sarah Rennie
Dr Sarah Rennie
Surgical Adviser Aotearoa New Zealand

Guy Maddern
Professor Guy Maddern
Surgical Director of Research & Evaluation