George Go Eufemio FRACS (HON)
General Surgeon
18 January 1930 - 3 January 2013

A prominent Asian surgeon, whose academic reputation led to his significant role in the surgical community and formed the basis of his wide range of surgical friends and confidantes in the Asian region.

He had been President of the Philippine College of Surgeons, Chairman of the Philippine Board of Surgery, Chairman of the Philippine General Hospital, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development and Deputy Director for Health Operations. He worked continually to have his country's surgery reach the highest level.

George Eufemio spent his 81 years in Metro Manila, from his birth on 18 January 1930 until his untimely and physically demanding death on 3 January 2013.

His contribution to his community and to surgery was enormous, editing the first "Philippine Textbook of Surgery" was invaluable for students and surgeons in his part of the world.

Together with his colleague Adriano Laudico, they led the way in hepatic artery cannulation and chemotherapy by infusion of primary hepatoma. His contributions as a speaker to surgical audiences in a number of countries have had appreciative recognition.

When he retired as Head of Surgery at The University of the Philippines and Phillippines General Hospital, his leaving was a sad event, but he then devoted his time to advancing surgery at The Cardinal Santos Hospital.

One of his former students Vicky Nacho summarised his special qualities.

"He must have taught thousands of medical students the fundamentals of SURGERY. He also taught first-hand the many residents in surgery the fine points of surgical management and the art of operative intervention.

"He was very gentle and kind. I know him when I was a clerk and later an intern with him as a resident. He was always willing to teach and in a deliberate manner - no raised voices or deprecating glances. He was a most effective teacher through his special encouraging methodology of soft words."

George was very proud of, and never forgot his FRACS(Hon) awarded in 1992.

George is mourned throughout the Island Republic of the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and the Asian region, by his few remaining Australasian friends, and a loving family, one of whom has followed a career in orthopaedics.

Obituary provided by Prof Tom Reeve AC CBE FRACS.