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    JDocs Framework

    The JDocs Framework is aligned to the RACS Core Competencies and provides junior doctors with the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected for entry to procedural specialist training.

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    Key Clinical Tasks

    Key clinical tasks have been developed to complement the JDocs Framework. These represent daily professional activities undertaken by junior doctors, where level of performance can be observed, and feedback provided.

  • JDocs

    JDocs ePortfolio

    The ePortfolio enables you to track and monitor your progress against the JDocs Framework and supports you to progressively assemble evidence of your achievements, work-based assessments and experiences to build your professional profile. You also have access to GSSE Examination resources, over 20 RACS online modules, MALT and select RACS Library resources.

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    Subscribe to JDocs

    JDocs subscription is available to junior doctors registered in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.