Cultural safety training requirement

From 2024, all Surgeons will need to complete one Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity in cultural competency and cultural safety as part of their CPD requirements

This CPD requirement will enable RACS to also meet the Australian Medical Council Condition 18 (Standards 8.1.3 and 8.2.2), which stipulates that all Supervisors, Trainers and Assessors must complete annual CPD to address the RACS competency, Cultural competence and cultural safety. 

The College acknowledges that many workplaces and organisations provide exceptional learning opportunities in this key area, including local hospital training programs. These can be completed to meet this new requirement. However, if you are looking for assistance in finding resources, please refer to the below curated list of potential CPD opportunities.  

Cultural safety training and development opportunities


  • These lists have been reviewed by the College’s Indigenous Health Committee and Māori Advisory Group but are not formally endorsed by the College and should not be considered exhaustive. 
  • Where applicable, College Members will be responsible for their own enrolment, as well as any associated costs for the chosen learning opportunity. Many of the learning opportunities are free and those that cost only incur a nominal fee. 
  • These lists will be reviewed and updated by the College twice annually.