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The Specialist Assessment and/or Area of Need Assessment process in Australia can lead to three possible outcomes:

NOT COMPARABLE: the applicant will be advised to undertake further training and to liaise with the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for further guidance on other available options for practising in Australia. The applicant may apply for RACS’ Surgical Education and Training (SET) program provided they meet the eligibility criteria. 

PARTIALLY COMPARABLE: SIMGs may be assessed as partially comparable if:
evidence of recent surgical practice in the relevant specialty is provided
there is evidence of completion of a specialist training program comparable to the College programs, including RACS’ competencies, but:
an exit examination comparable to RACS’ Fellowship Examination has not been completed, and
the depth and scope of surgical practice in the specialty since the attainment of the SIMG’s surgical qualification is not of a sufficient high standard or duration as to waive the need to sit the Fellowship Examination
SIMGs who are assessed as partially comparable will be required to complete all of the following requirements before becoming eligible for Specialist Recognition and Fellowship of RACS:
undergo a period of up to 24 months of RACS Supervised Practice under MBA Level 3 supervision requirements. In some circumstances, the supervised practice may be conducted under Level 4 supervision
complete specified up-skilling or courses
complete professional development activities
satisfactorily complete the Fellowship Examination

The below flowchart illustrates the pathway for SIMGs assessed as partially comparable to attain Specialist Recognition and Fellowship of RACS:
Specialist Recognition and Fellowship