Course learning outcomes

By completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Write SMART goals as part of a Professional Development Learning Plan
2. Identify the role of feedback in keeping Trainees on track
3. Identify types of Trainee performance 
4. Describe the process for identifying underperformance 
5. Identify underperformance and develop an action plan
6. Determine if an action plan is being effective and how to modify if required. 

Are you eligible for this course?

This course is available to and appropriate for Supervisors, Trainers and Fellows.

Delivery modes

Mode of delivery: Online (3x eLearning modules)
Duration: 3 hours


Delivery dates

Course commences at the start of each month. You will have 30 days to complete the course

 Start Date  End Date
 Thursday 1 February 2024  Friday 1 March 2024
 Friday 1 March 2024  Saturday 30 March 2024
 Monday 1 April 2024  Tuesday 30 April 2024
 Wednesday 1 May 2024  Thursday 30 May 2024
 Saturday 1 June 2024  Sunday 30 June 2024
 Monday 1 July 2024  Tuesday 30 July 2024
 Thursday 1 August 2024  Friday 30 August 2024
 Sunday 1 September 2024  Monday 30 September 2024
 Tuesday 1 October 2024  Wednesday 30 October 2024 
 Friday 1 November 2024  Saturday 30 November 2024


Course fees

  • Free for College members (Fellows, Trainees or Specialist International Medical Graduates within the College) 
  • A$250 or NZ$270 for non-members of the College 

*All values include GST 

Cancellation Policy

CPD points

Completing this course will entitle participants to 3 CPD points.


Main RACS competencies addressed

  • Communication 
  • Leadership and management
  • Scholarship and teaching

Course references

Course references are available from the RACS library (login required).



The original course development was partially funded by the Australian Government Department of Health through the Specialist Training Program (STP).


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