Professional Development Activities

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The Professional Development Program for Fellows aims to support surgeons in aspects of their professional life, encouraging professional growth and workplace performance. Life long learning through professional development can improve our capabilities and help us to realise our full potential as surgeons as well as individuals.

The workshops and courses are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited and incorporate one or more of the surgical competencies detailed in the Standards and Protocols section. The activities below are grouped by competency.

You can also search for activities by date and view Active learning with your peers (PDF 436 KB), the professional development activities booklet.PD booklet icon 2015

All activities are CPD accredited and reflect the College guidelines for Surgical Competence and Performance.

Global sponsorship of the Professional Development programming is proudly provided by Avant Mutual Group, Bongiorno National Network and Applied Medical.


Judgement and Decision Making

Clinical Decision Making - A Complex Competency


Building Towards Retirement
International Medical Symposium
AMA Impairment Guidelines 5th Edition: Difficult Cases
Writing Medico Legal Reports
Code of Conduct Module (members only; login required)
Multi Source Feedback (members only; login required)

Health Advocacy

Australian Indigenous Health and Cultural Learning eLearning Module (members only; login required)
Network for Indigenous, Cultural and Health Education (NICHE) Portal (members only; login required)
Intercultural Learning for Medical Specialists eLearning Module (members only; login required)


Communication Skills for Cancer Clinicians: Breaking Bad News
Communication Skills for Cancer Clinicians: Transitioning to Palliative Care
Communication Skills for Cancer Clinicians: Discussing Death and Dying
Process Communication Model: Seminar 1
Process Communication Model: Seminar 2
Process Communication Model Refresher

Collaboration and Teamwork

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS)

Management and Leadership

Strategy and Risk Management for Surgeons
Finance for Surgeons
Younger Fellows Forum
Preparation for Practice

Scholarship and Teaching

Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators
Supervisors and Trainers for SET (SAT SET) Face-to-Face
Supervisors and Trainers for SET (SAT SET) eLearning Module (members only; login required)
Keeping Trainees on Track Face-to-Face
Keeping Trainees on Track eLearning Module (members only; login required)
Surgical Teachers Course
TSIA: Training Standards - Interpretation and Application e-Learning Module (members only; login required)
SET Selection Interviewer Training (SET SIT) eLearning Module (members only; login required)
The Academy of Surgical Educators Forum
The Academy Educator Studio Sessions
Graduate Programs in Surgical Education

Rural Health

Rural Health Continuing Education

Other courses

eLearning courses
Courses accredited by RACS
Courses approved by RACS
Courses for trainees
Skills Courses
Master of Surgical Education


For more information or if you have suggestions for innovation or comments about the program, contact the Department of Professional Development:

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Telephone: +61 3 9249 1106
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